AGO Worcester Wishlist

Last Updated 1/2017

Worcester AGO has had a rich history and active membership in our 63-year history. We are proud of the contributions throughout the years of folks like you who have offered their time and talents as well as financial support to promote the good word of organs and organists to our colleagues and the Central Massachusetts area.

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More than ever before, we are presented with important and interesting volunteer opportunities for AGO members (or anyone!) to help with the ongoing work of the chapter in implementing our chapter initiatives.   “Post it(on our wishlist) and they’ll volunteer” is our hope for filling these needs. Here are some typical generic roles that might resonate for how you can contribute:

  • Network or share information or offer a connection based on information or acquaintences that you know. A simple email in response could go a long way to achieving one of our goals.
  • Assist in an existing effort - donate an hour or two (on the phone, in person, on the web/email) to fill a need.
  • Lead an effort - contribute your organizational skills to carve out the steps to achieve success for a given project.
  • Offer your skills and talents that will provides th knowhow to accompish the tasks ahead of us.
  • Offer moral support and cheerleading. Send a thank-you or a note of encouragement.


This page serves as a kind of "switchboard" or "dating service" to connect needs with people and solutions and resources. Join us to bridge these gaps!

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Specific Volunteer Efforts

Networking: Do You Know Someone?  Do you have Connections?  Can you call in some favors?

Project Leaders for Initiatives - raise your hand to take on an effort
Volunteers to Help in any capacity (even one-time)

Material Needs

OnGoing Opportunities to Donate Money

Consider a donation in memory of, or in honor of someone special to you.

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